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Choosing your first car is usually related to affordability and which one really meets your needs. Oftenly, people who have just newly graduated and get a new job will prefer a compact car especially when working in the city due to easy to get around and less fuel consumption. Let me summarise all three car category advantages.

Advantages of compact car:
+ Affordable ( Lower monthly payment, insurance and road tax)

+ Easy to get around in the city ( Parking and easy handling in traffic jam)

+ More fuel efficient

+ Easy to do maintainance

+ More pickup at low speed

Advantages of Sedan Car :
+ More space for your small family (5 passenger and below)

+ More boot space for long journey

+ More engine space for any performance modification

+ Easier to modify exterior with a lot of sedan car accessories

+ A safer ride ( Crush zone front and rear)

+ More stable in terms of handling especially while cruising

+ A faster car in low and top range speed

+ A family car which looks sporty

Advantages Of MPV:
+ Can carry 7 passenger for a big family

+ Have a smooth and relax feeling while driving

+ Better suspension which will gives more comfort to all passenger

+Can carry more stuffs by folding rear seat – Can be used for any purpose like business purpose.

How about your choice? MPV? Compact city car? Or a sedan car?